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I'm new to Akka but really liking the framework already. I've looked through the Akka Actor documentation and some of the Playframework / typesafe tutorials. I have successfully created an actor from a successful POST request in a controller by

val reapeter = Akka.system.actorOf(Props(classOf[RepeaterActor], data), name = "repeater")

that does a periodic task using a schedule task.

Now I would like to send this actor a stop message from a GET/POST request in a controller. I have tried

def stop = Action {
    val sendStop = Akka.system.actorSelection("/user/repeater").tell(Shutdown, ActorRef.noSender)

and in RepeaterActor's receieve method

receieve {
    case Shutdown => {
        println("shutting down")

But I can't get a response. I'm not sure if it's a problem with my actorSelection method or how I'm doing the message calls. How can I implement a simple shutdown hook for an actor callable from a controller? For the time being there only needs to be one of these RepeaterActors.

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First of all println is not a good solution. Better use loggers:

import play.api.Logger 
val logger = Logger("akka")
logger.debug("shutting down")

Second thing is "killing" the actor. There is built-in way to do this is just by sending a PoisonPill. Also if you want to log Actor.postStop method and inside log.

def postStop(): Unit = {
  logger.debug("shutting down")

And with this construction you will can inspect if you shutting down properly.

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It turns out the problem was actually in my routing table. My stop method was never actually getting called. Thanks for the help! –  craastad Dec 19 '13 at 15:27

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