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Is there any server-side framework for Dart with support for things like templating, session management, etc like Express or Sails for Node?

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Node or Dart? The title says one, the question says the other. –  Juhana Dec 19 '13 at 8:59
dart, sorry. i edited the question –  pistacchio Dec 19 '13 at 9:07

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There isn't a single framework, but there are a bunch of packages which you can use to create server side apps.

For templating there are two mustache libraries on pub, mustache and mustache4dart.

For url routing see the route package.

There are packages for databases, mysql, postgresql, and mongodb and couchbase. Also see memcached for caching.

I haven't seen any session management packages, you'll probably have to roll your own and persist session data using a database.

Update: The shelf package is worth a look.

Update: There are now a number of frameworks. See the up to date list maintained here https://github.com/yissachar/awesome-dart#server-frameworks

As of 11/2014 the list is:

  • Redstone - A metadata driven microframework
  • Start - Sinatra inspired web framework to serve static files, handle dynamic requests, websockets and create JSON responses.
  • Express - A simple, thin expressjs inspired layer around Dart's primitive HttpServer APIs.
  • Shelf - Shelf makes it easy to create and compose web servers and parts of web servers.
    • There are many packages written for Shelf. By convention they start with shelf_
  • Force - A real time web framework, embracing websockets, making communication even better
  • Vane - Framework with built-in server runtime environment and middleware system
  • Rikulo Stream - Lightweight web server with request routing, filtering, template engine, WebSocket, MVC design pattern, and file-based static resources
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Redstone.dart seems interesting and uses the Shelf packages. I have found it pretty easy to prototype with. It also is currently being contributed to unlike a lot of these other frameworks.

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Two interesting options may be :

  1. http://rikulo.org/projects/stream

    Features include:

    • Request Routing
    • Request Filtering
    • Template Technology
    • File-based static resources
    • MVC design pattern
  2. https://github.com/lvivski/start

    Simplier and Sinatra inspired framework - similar to express.js

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You have also forcemvc, it is a serverside dart implementation that uses the same annotations and use cases as spring mvc. So if you are familiar with spring mvc it should be easy to start with forcemvc.

It is created for all the java developers, that want to start working with dart. Look at the example application to get you started.

Forcemvc is part of the dart force framework.

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There is Dart version of Express (at least some part of it, from which you can start):


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I found interesting

but have not yet used them myself

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bloodless is now Redstone.dart –  OzzieOrca Jul 25 '14 at 19:41

There is also DartVoid's Vane which seems really interesting. DartVoid will be probably the first Dart PaaS (if GAE still takes some time to support Dart) and they are putting effort on Vane to give a solid experience.

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For a large example of redstone.dart, see https://github.com/DirectMyFile/services

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