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I am looking for a google api to fetch the user location history, I know google is storing users location history and we are able to track it from -


But is google providing an api through which we can access this user history through an app, I think google latitude used to that only but I am not sure and any ways it is shut down.

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As far as I'm aware there is no API that achieves what you're after. I don't even think the latitude API provided tracking for other users.

Logically it could be a bit of an invasion of privacy if it did exist. Most people don't read the T&C's or permissions when they install an app and it would be fairly easy to use this for the wrong purposes.

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Although there is no API ready for use one can build together a script based on Curl that sets the right cookies and retrieves the content like described by Terence Eden [LINK].

Another way - although not well suited for an app - is to create an archive of your Google account information (select only location history information to keep it small) and therewith getting a Json-file with all location information.

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