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How can I export table to .csv in Postgres, when I'm not super-user and can't use "copy" command?

I still can import the data to postgres with "import" button on the right click, but no export option.

Can someone help me with that?

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Postgres doesn't have an import button. Which SQL client tool are you using? In psql you could use \copy instead of copy (which writes the file to the client, not the server) other SQL tools have other features. –  a_horse_with_no_name Dec 19 '13 at 10:22
I'm using Pgadmin's SQL tool. And the import button is right click on the table name in pgadmin. Which tool do you recommend? –  Luba Weissmann Dec 19 '13 at 10:48

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Use psql and redirect stream to file:

psql -U <USER> -d <DB_NAME> -c "COPY <YOUR_TABLE> TO stdout DELIMITER ',' CSV HEADER;" > file.csv
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COPY your_table TO '/path/to/your/file.csv' DELIMITER ',' CSV HEADER;

For more details go to this manual

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Doesn't work for non-superusers because of permissions on the server (and you would need direct file-system access to the Postgres server to retrieve the file) –  a_horse_with_no_name Dec 19 '13 at 10:23
And I found this, stackoverflow.com/a/19876342/1862107 could be useful –  Thusitha Sumanadasa Dec 19 '13 at 10:31
Thanks, but stdin/stdout isn't a good option in my case, as long as I'm dealing with a lot of rows. –  Luba Weissmann Dec 19 '13 at 10:46

The easiest way would indeed be a COPY to stdout I think. If you can't do this, how about using pg_dump and then transform the output file with sed, AWK or even a text editor? This should work even with search and replace in an acceptable amount of time :)

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Draugr, Thank you for your answer, but sdtout isn't a good option - i have too many rows to export (more than 100K). Can you please provide more detailed explanation for "pg_dump" option? –  Luba Weissmann Dec 19 '13 at 10:21
Sure, check out the documentation at postgresql.org/docs/9.3/static/app-pgdump.html. Just use it to dump a table and have a look at the result. You will see quickly how you need to edit it so you only have the data rows. If you have many rows you really should use sed or awk to process it, I used it for such tasks regularly. –  Draugr Dec 19 '13 at 10:30
Thanks! will try it. –  Luba Weissmann Dec 19 '13 at 10:38

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