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I'm trying to create a fitting SQL query for my Java discussion board. My program basically needs the username, messagetext, created (which is the date of creation) to display in the GUI via a PreparedStatement.

The tables look like this (I left out some columns):

table message:

messageid, projectid, employeeid, messagetext, created

table employee:

employeeid, username

No I've tried this which works fine except that I need the username and not the employeeid:

SELECT messageid, projectid, employeeid, messagetext, created, updated 
FROM message
WHERE projectid = 4

I know I can get the right usernames by doing this:

SELECT username
FROM employee
INNER JOIN message
ON employee.employeeid=message.employeeid

But how do I fit the two together into one statement? Because my JAVA Code creates a Message Object with the data it gets from the statement:

    String query="SELECT messageid, projectid, employeeid, messagetext, createdFROM message WHERE projectid= ?";

    stmt = con.prepareStatement(query);

    stmt.setInt(1, id);


    rs = stmt.getResultSet();

    while(rs.next()) {

        int messageid = rs.getInt("messageid");
        int projectid = rs.getInt("projectid");
        int employeeid = rs.getInt("employeeid");

        String messagetext = rs.messagetext ("messagetext ");
        String created = rs.getString("created");

        ObjMessage oMsg = new ObjMessage (messageid, projectid, employeeid, messagetext, created); 


Do I have to rework my object creation process to acceept two resultstatements? Or is there a better way?

Disclaimer: I reworked some of the JAVA variables to be in English so there might be some errors there...

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Use the outer join to get the employee's username in the first select statement and pass it to the PreparedStatement –  Boris Pavlović Dec 19 '13 at 10:46
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SELECT e.username, m.messageid, m.projectid, m.employeeid, m.messagetext, m.created, m.updated 
FROM employee e
INNER JOIN message m
ON e.employeeid=m.employeeid
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This works perfectly I just added the WHERE projectid = ? at the end again. –  cflx Dec 19 '13 at 11:06
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