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I have a program with two WPF treeviews that allow dragging and dropping between the two. The problem is, it can be annoying to open / close items on the treeviews because moving the mouse just one pixel while holding the left mouse button triggers the drag / drop functionality. Is there some way to specify how far the mouse should move before it's considered a drag / drop?

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Can you post some code? – ChrisF Jan 14 '10 at 22:47

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There's a system parameter for this. If you have

Point down = {where mouse down event happened}
Point current = {position in the MouseMove eventargs}

then the mouse has moved the minimum drag distance if

Math.Abs(current.X - down.X) >= SystemParameters.MinimumHorizontalDragDistance ||
Math.Abs(current.Y - down.Y) >= SystemParameters.MinimumVerticalDragDistance)
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Just build a little buffer into your code that determines when the drag starts.

  1. flag mouse down
  2. on mouse move - check for mouse down.. if yes, check to see if its moved farther than whatever buffer you specify (3 pixels is probably good)
  3. if it has, start the drag.
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