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I am writing a parameterized merge sort functionality and passing the less checker as a function. However, the compiler is throwing following error.

type mismatch;
 found   : y.type (with underlying type T)
 required: T

Here is my full code

def mergeSort[T] (list:List[T], pred:(T,T) =>Boolean):List[T]={
  def merge[T](left:List[T], right:List[T], acc:List[T]):List[T] = (left,right) match{
    case (Nil,_) => acc ++ right
    case (_,Nil) => acc ++ left
    case (x::xs, y::ys) => if(pred(y,x)) merge(left,ys,acc :+ y) else merge(xs,right,acc :+ x)
  val m = list.length/2
  if (m == 0) list
  else {
   val (l,r) = list splitAt m
   merge(mergeSort(l,pred), mergeSort(r,pred), List())

The problem is at line


Everything seems logically correct, can't figure out why this is happening? help appreciated.

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just replace merge[T]( with merge(. –  senia Dec 19 '13 at 11:57

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This happens because in your inner function merge you define a type T, it's like you're redefining the one you created in mergeSort. Just change def merge[T] to def merge and keep using T to parameterized your lists left, right, etc. That way you are telling the compiler "This is the same T I defined above in mergeSort".

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