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I use Reshrper everyday, and today I asked myself why Resharper is suggestion the 'Use object initializer' when I do this :

MyClass myClass = new MyClass();
myClass.MyInt = 0;
myClass.MyString = string.Empty;

It gets replaced by :

MyClass myClass = new MyClass
    MyInt = 0, 
    MyString = string.Empty

Does this optimize the execution of my code ! or it's just a matter of reformatting ?

Personaly, I like it. But sometimes I hate it; because of this :


I can't do a step-by-step debugging :(

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The second contains less characters and so is more compact to read. You don't have to repeat myClass 2 more times, and the initialization logic is in one block.

It is really a syntactic sugar that doesn't change a thing in the generated code. If you doesn't like it, you can always disable the warning on ReSharper.

A longer post on the advantages of using Object Initializers here:

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You can do step-by-step debugging partially if initializers are function calls:

MyClass c = new MyClass() 
    MyInt = 3,
    MyString = GenerateString(9)

In this case, F11 will lead you straight into the GenerateString method.

EDIT: If initializers are simple values, then step-by-step debugging is meaningless anyway.

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