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Is there an up-to-date survey of Java IDE market share published on the web? I found stats from five years ago when I searched.

NB This question is not designed to be a poll of the stackoverflow community for favorite Java IDE. However, that poll does exist.

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I do not know of any official statistics but my personal experience in Belgium is:

a) 50/50 IntelliJ/Eclipse for Java development when people are freelancer or get their intelliJ license paid by work.

b) 01/99 IntelliJ/Eclipse for Java development when people have to pay the IntelliJ license from their net income.

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I agree with your answer assuming the "Eclipse/IntelliJ" was supposed to be "IntelliJ/Eclipse" in part b). I'm also noticing a slight comeback for NetBeans ... I think it may be related to the recent enhancements, but more importantly, it's integration with GlassFish. – Steve Moyer Oct 15 '08 at 23:12
I agree with what Steve Moyer wrote; although NetBeans comeback is still in the geek / early adopter crowds, not as much on workplace. From observation in workplace it is still between IntelliJ and Eclipse (and its derivative like RAD, MyEclipse, and Aptana). – DJ. Oct 16 '08 at 0:54
I also hear a lot of the positive buzz on Netbeans since last year, but I have not encountered it on the workfloor yet. – Ruben Oct 22 '08 at 10:01
I've yet to see a Java developer using netbeans. The few netbeans users here are working in JRuby or using the SQL tools. We are split about 25/75 Idea to Eclipse. Anyone doing Java + JRuby is using Idea. Anyone doing Java only is using eclipse. – sal Jun 18 '09 at 16:14

There is a discussion regarding this subject in this link:

Lies, damned lies and IDE statistics

I would say 3rd comment came up with a good statistics from job offering website monster and dice that seems considerable:

Eclipse 816 JBuilder 140 JDeveloper 114 IntelliJ 33 Netbeans 30

Eclipse 698 JBuilder 139 Jdeveloper 115 Netbeans 25 Studio Creator 22 IntlliJ 25

Despite the original post is not clear about that, I think first statistics are related to job offers in looking for some one experienced in these ides, and second set is form

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