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I have one site (site1.com) where the user is already logged in. I would like this user to log in automatically to another of my site (site2.com) without entering its username and password again. The two sites share the same user accounts but do not share sessions.

I have made some research, I know about SSO (Signe Sign On) and OpenId but I would like to use a simpler solution based on a shared private key and a token.

Here is my solution:

  • site1 and site2 share a private key "myPrivateKey"
  • site1 has a page https://site1.com/loginSite2 accessible only if the user is logged in site1.com
  • this page redirects to https://site2.com/autoLogin?userId=myUserId&timestamp=gmtTimestamp&token=myToken where myToken is the hash (generated with sha1 or md5) of the concatenation of the private key, the user ID, the timestamp and the user IP.
  • site2 receives the request, generates the hash on its side and compares it with the token of the request. If the hash are the same and if the timestamp is not older than 5 seconds, the user is automatically logged in site2 (and the token would not be usable anymore). Otherwise, login fails.

I don't manage to find any major security issue with this solution. The generated login URL can be generated only if the user is logged in site1. The login URL expires after 5 seconds. The token can be used only once. The only issue would be that the login URL could be intercepted and used before it is used by the user but since it is a redirection, there is almost no delay, and also the IP of the request must come from the same IP as the previous request.

What do you think of my solution? Do I miss something important? Do you see any problem that I would have not considered?

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