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In the following minimal Scala Swing app, if I choose File->Exit (which calls sys.exit), or File->Quit (which calls SimpleSwingApplication.quit) then the application exits. If I choose File->Close (which calls Frame.close) then the window closes but the application doesn't exit (e.g. when run using java -jar myexample.jar it doesn't return to the prompt -- I have to ^C to kill it).

import scala.swing._
import swing.event.{Key,WindowClosed,WindowClosing}

object GUI extends SimpleSwingApplication {
  def top = new Frame {
    import javax.swing.WindowConstants.EXIT_ON_CLOSE

    menuBar = new MenuBar {
      contents += new Menu("File") {
        mnemonic = Key.F
        contents += new MenuItem(Action("Exit") { sys.exit(0) }) { mnemonic = Key.X }
        contents += new MenuItem(Action("Close") { close() }) { mnemonic = Key.C }
        contents += new MenuItem(Action("Quit") { quit }) { mnemonic = Key.Q }

I've tried a few different things, all with the same behavior:

  • use MainFrame instead of Frame
  • add a handler to reactions that matches WindowClosing and call sys.exit from there
    • added a reaction to both a Frame subclass (not shown here) and
    • to the SimpleSwingApplication
  • EXIT_ON_CLOSE seemed like it should do the job, but whether it's there or not doesn't matter
  • set default close operation to DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE
  • override Frame.closeOperation to call sys.exit, but this doesn't seem to get called at all (I added a print there and it doesn't result in any output)

Inspired by this answer, if I change the File->Close handler to call dispose instead of close, the app exits. The docs for MainFrame say:

Shuts down the framework and quits the application when closed.

Which made me think that close should work.

Why do I have to call dispose instead of close here? Why doesn't EXIT_ON_CLOSE or overriding the closeOperation work?

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The method you're calling on swing.Window is:

def close() { peer setVisible false }

which obviously isn't what you might assume.

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