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I have this at above the body tag in my page --

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function() {

Is there a way to make this popup happen without the user actually clicking a button -- programmatically w/ code inserted into the middle of the page with php on page load?

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Add the following next.


Or put it all on on chained line:


For what it's worth, you can invoke this from a non-rendered element:

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I think for security reasons a lot of browsers will not open a popup window without some kind of user action.

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popupWindow is hard-coded to work with links, and only responds to "click" events. That said, if you want the popup to appear on page load, you could try editing line 6 of jquery.popupWindow from this;


to this;


add an id to your body element;

<body id="popuptrigger">

and call the plugin;

$('body#popuptrigger').popupWindow({ ... });

This is untested, but even if it works it's not a very elegant solution. I'd suggest looking around for a popup plugin that allows you more flexibility. I use jqModal to load internal url requests for popup forms and can throughly recommend it. Your mileage mey vary though, so do a google search for "jquery modal" and check out some alternatives.

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I'd suggest using a jQuery UI Dialog. That way you won't have to worry about how different browsers handle popups differently.

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As stated by others, some browsers (notably Microsoft Internet Explorer) will refuse to open a JavaScript popup window unless it was triggered as a result of user interaction. You can easily fake this with a bit of jQuery:

// Create a 'fake' a tag, this will never be added to DOM.
$('<a href="#" />')

    // Register a click handler which will open a new popup window.
    .click(function () {, name, options);

    // Simulate the click in jQuery - this will open the popup window.
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I can't comment on the accepted solution, so I'll just post this here - regarding Jonathan Sampsons last proposition (which is really clever): on latest Firefox & Chrome the element, that triggers the click event, must be visible. So you can't really generated a non-rendered element.

Also, if you're using an element from your page, just choose one that doesn't have any other click event defined yet - otherwise all other click events will trigger, which might not be the desired outcome.

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