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I've had an app submission rejected from the Mac App Store with the vague feedback that it's incorrectly sandboxed. The app includes a couple of command-line helper tools bundled with it. While I've asked Apple for more details, I've also run across the more stringent requirements for code-signing (all executable code in the app bundle must be code-signed).

It was my understanding that using codesign --deep would recursively walk my app bundle and sign all Mach-O executables with the same set of entitlements, so I thought this would take care of the CLI tools.

However, when I attempt to verify the signature on one of the CLI tools, I get this output:

MyApp.app/Contents/lib/helper/helpertool: code object is not signed at all.

So I'm a bit confused, especially when the app bundle itself passes verification:

codesign --deep --verify --verbose=4 MyApp.app: valid on disk,satisfies its Designated Requirement.

Can anyone suggest to me what I may be doing wrong here--why the CLI tools don't appear to be signed/sandboxed? Is there anything else I am missing here? (I build my app using a shell script rather than Xcode, but that shouldn't make a difference as far as I can tell.)

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Are the command line helpers forks/spawned by the app? If so, then I'm certain you don't want the same entitlements for the app and the command line utils. –  trojanfoe Dec 19 '13 at 16:03

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These links answered the question for me:

Mac OS app, sandbox with command line tool?

How to sandbox a command line tool?

Very cool.

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Kevin - don't forget to mark your question answered. It would help too, if you posted your solution in your answer. –  BGM Nov 12 '14 at 4:27

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