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I have an ExpandableListView and when someone touches a list item, it shows the address, rating, phone number and website of a business. All of these are populated by parsing a JSONObject. I'm trying to put a small icon in front of each of these information pieces.

  • [image] Address: 123 foo street
  • [image] Rating: 4.0/5


I have an icon in my drawable folder and I'm trying to do this...

businessInfo.add("<b> Address: </b>" + address + ", Boston, MA 02210<br />" +
"<b> Rating: </b>" + rating + " out of 5" + "<br />" +
"<b> Phone Number: </b> <a href=\"tel:" + phoneDial +"\">" + phoneDisplay + "</a>" + "<br />" +
"<img src=\"drawable/yelp.png\"/><b> Yelp: </b> <a href=\"" + url + "\">Click Here</a>");

And then, in another class, I finally set the textview's text by doing this...


Obviously this doesn't work and for phone calling and internet link purposes, I'd like to keep the HTML style of setting the text. Is there a way I can put images in front of these items? If so, can you provide an example?

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Looks like there's some really good info here: stackoverflow.com/questions/2865452/… –  Matt Dec 19 '13 at 16:10
Thanks! That worked –  Zack Dec 19 '13 at 17:09

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