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I have the following Camel route (Spring XML);

<route id="myroute">
    <from uri="file:///home/myuser/someDir?include=toprocess_*.txt" />

    <to uri="bean:fileProcessor?method=process" />

And on my machine's file system:


How do I change the include option (or the uri in general) so that only the first file (regardless of its name) matching the regex gets added to the route, and subsequently, routed on to the fileProcessor bean?

Please note that in my example, the first file will most likely be toprocess_1.txt. However I could have a file system like so:


So it's not as simple as just making the URI:

<from uri="file:///home/myuser/someDir?include=toprocess_1.txt" />

I'm expecting something like:

<from uri="file:///home/myuser/someDir?include=toprocess_*.txt&maxFiles=1" />

But in the Camel docs, I see no such option, or anything similar to it.

Thanks in advance!

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Just to clarify, you want to run your route just once getting just one file? – hveiga Dec 19 '13 at 16:12
Yep, and I don't care what specific file, so long as it matches the include regex. – IAmYourFaja Dec 19 '13 at 16:31

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I believe you could do it this way:

<route id="myroute">
    <from uri="timer:foo?repeatCount=1" />
    <pollEnrich uri="file:///home/myuser/someDir?include=toprocess_*.txt" />
    <to uri="bean:fileProcessor?method=process" />
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The include options is using regular expression as documented

So you need to use a regular expression to match the wildcards, eg *. should be flipped


Its just a standard java regular expressions so you can find plenty of information about these on the internet, and in the javadoc of the JDK itself.

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