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I am using Independentsoft's WebDav API to create a calendar appointment. I would like to set the category of the appointment.

In Outlook, I would set the category as indicated here: Outlook image

How would I assign the category using the WebDav API?

Most other fields are simply properties of the appointment object:

Appointment appt = new Appointment();
appt.Body = "body";
appt.MeetingStatus = MeetingStatus.Tentative;

And so on. I have not been able to find a property that corresponds to category.

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I have discovered the answer to this.

The property is Keywords. It's a string array.

So, to set a category, you would do this:

appt.Keywords = new string[] { "CategoryName" };

I assume you can add multiple categories in the same way:

appt.Keywords = new string[] { "CategoryName1", "CategoryName2" };
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Bless your heart for finding this :). –  Florin Feb 11 '11 at 10:41

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