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I know there are a lot of topics / questions already out there about hooking but I believe this question is unique.

I have a very unusual setup and I cannot change how this system is designed. There is one computer with many touch screens (generally around 10-20). All of the monitors display is duplicated (meaning everyone is seeing the same screen). I need the ability to enable / disable touch input on each monitor. Aka the user needs to turn some of the monitors touch input off and needs to be able to enable touch input back on those monitors at a later time.

I realize global hooking would work as I can get the wndproc, read the WM_TOUCH event and check the source HANDLE to determine which monitor and filter it based off that but I'm not allowed to globally hook this way as it would involve hooking into every process. Therefore I need another option.

So my idea now is to have a "transparent" window that is always on top and would capture all the touch events, based on the source, it either filters or pass it through. My question is if I capture that touch, how can I pass it through to the window behind me?

I don't believe WS_EX_TRANSPARENT would be useful as my window needs to capture it, check the details first then decide what to do. WS_EX_TRANSPARENT would make it where my window never sees it.

Any new ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Edit: I've been trying to find a way to use PostMessage() with no luck. I'm not sure how to determine which process the touch event should go to. I feel like I need to do a hit test behind my window, get the handle of that process and then use PostMessage.

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