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Is it normal that Tkinter's Canvas' create_text 's font size doesn't change when I change the Canvas' scale with canvas.scale ?

I thought that, as it is a high level GUI management system, I wouldn't have to resize manually the text done with create_text after a zooming. Isn't this strange, or am I wrong ?

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i have no expertise in that very field, but changing scale is a 'low-level' operation if you're using a framework. Check that the framework does not allow you to modify it, if not request for that feature and/or implement it a minima by overloading the methods you use. (it might be too 'expensive' to modify properly the whole framework). – GameAlchemist Dec 19 '13 at 19:27

It's normal, even if not entirely what you want. The scale method just changes the coordinate lists, but text items only have one of those so they just get (optionally) translated.

This also applies to image and bitmap items. And features of other items like the line width; they're not scaled.

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