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I'm looking for a numerical package that I can call from managed C++\CLI. ILNumerics is aimed at .NET development, so I would assume it can be used with / from C++\CLI.

However I cannot find any reference to this effect.

So can I use ILNumerics with C++\CLI? If so, where do I find typical resources and examples?

If not, is there a numerics package that is compatible with C++\Cli that can be called and integrated as straightforward as with C#? I have a difficult time finding one that is.

Thanks, Jan

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Competent C++/CLI developers generally work from C# samples without difficulty. That said, I wouldn't even consider using a .NET library for numerical work in C++. Templates are just so much better, .NET generics can't begin to match the power of template specialization. –  Ben Voigt Dec 20 '13 at 1:28
Ben, thanks. I am just starting (moving from Pascal and Fortran), but I noticed the syntax is very similar. I may just try that, to see if it is possible. I noticed there are good and better solutions. As an engineer, I am happy with someting that does the job. –  jdelange Dec 20 '13 at 9:37

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