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My Pivot table is not showing all the fields. I have some data that someone SQL-ed. I add two more columns to the data using Excel formulas. When I select the entire data and click on insert Pivot Table, the Table/Range says : "Table_Query_from_ACTSQLServer"

Now, at this point I have said "OK" or manually selected the range to include the two new columns that I created but in either case the Pivot Table (in the new sheet) does not contain the two new rows that I created.

An additional piece of pertinent information might be that the workbook already contains Pivot Tables I made yesterday from the same data but that was before I had added the two new columns. I hope to be able to use the new columns to update all the earlier pivot tables, if only they show up on the field list. Please help!!

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When you say manually, was this via Change Source Data in Options under PivotTable Tools? – pnuts Dec 19 '13 at 20:27
@pnuts I have used that also, but I meant initially when you click on "Pivot Table" a window pops up asking you the range and where to place it, there I typed the Range instead of the "Table_Query....Server" – Amatya Dec 19 '13 at 21:00
Pivot tables can be picky about their data source - you're better off just copy and pasting the data as values - replacing the old data. - or even try pasting it into a different workbook. That will get rid of any weird formatting or references that could be causing problems. – Stepan1010 Dec 19 '13 at 21:56
@Stephan1010 would copy and paste preserve the "live" automatic update? The idea is that next month's data will be SQLd by simply changing the date field and then hopefully the Pivot Charts will update automatically as well. – Amatya Dec 20 '13 at 14:12
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This question was asked and answered over at you can find it here

The best answer seemed to be to use an Excel 'Table' as the data source range of the pivot instead of just cell ranges.

Shane Devenshire replied on January 22, 2011
Reply In reply to MacG31 post on January 21, 2011
In 2007 you can solve this problem very simple by
1. defining the source data as a Table (Insert, Table).
2. Creating a new pivot table,
3. Adding a new field to the column adjacent to the right side of the Table (not the pivot table),
4. Refreshing.

You may also be a victim of the Pivot Cache not being updated. Try clearing the old items/fields and refreshing each pivot table in your workbook. You can find the walkthrough that I used located

or here

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Thanks a lot for linking to those solutions. I'm sorry I have fallen behind in thanking you and accepting your answer. I will try those solutions suggested and give an update comment. Thanks! – Amatya Jan 5 '14 at 17:13

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