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I'm working on a very animated website that extensively uses the pin function of superscrollorama to pause scrolling while still animating certain elements based on scroll position.

The issue is one of stability and optimization. The client, of course, wants the site the be super stable and glitch free, even when grabbing the scroll bar with the mouse and jerking it up and down. Fortunately, this is the only way to get the problems to rear their ugly head, but ugly they are.

When jerking the page up and down with the scroll bar, certain elements are "lost" or "misplaced". I suspect that their positioning is not being reset appropriately. When pinned elements are unpinned, the screen goes white until the next section is pinned. You can see this especially when jerking the page up and down, stopping at the top of the page. Try scrolling down from there. Even some animations are only partially rendered in the scene after the initial office scene. I've tried resetting each affected img and divs position to absolute on unpin to no avail. I've also forced an initial fixed position on each affect img and div and still had issues.

Could it be that the is just too much going on and the browser/computer cannot render it all quick enough, dropping the unexecuted JavaScript and leaving the animation only partially completed?

I am new to the world of web development, especially front end stuff. Any help is really appreciated.

Check it out here - http://www.codeandbacon.com/tv/index.html

I ended up scrapping all of the Superscrollorama code and used Skrollr instead. None of the glitchy stuff happens now + using Skrollr made it easier to make the site responsive. Even works to a certain degree on mobile/tablet.

You can see the new work in progress at http://www.codeandbacon.com/tv2/index.html

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I gotta say - awesome site! So cool how that's all done. –  FastTrack Dec 19 '13 at 20:31
BTW, I'm using Chrome and I don't notice any problems when I jerk the mouse (lol) up and down –  FastTrack Dec 19 '13 at 20:37
Thank you @FastTrack! Definitely the craziest site I've done in a while, I'm glad you think it's cool! After you tested by jerking it up and down, did you mousewheel scroll through the site? That's when I notice the problems showing up. I just tried it again, and even saw that some of the people in the funnel were stranded in mid animation. I'm using Chrome too. It seems to show up in every browser I've tried, especially IE (no surprise) –  MFFunmaker Dec 19 '13 at 21:19

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