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I'm running some SQL against an Azure SQL server, trying to drop a database.

drop database "GEO-Dev-Scheduler";

When I run this command against my Azure SQL database in the cloud, I get the error Incorrect syntax near '"'. When I run it against my localdb connection, it works fine.

According to this documentation, Azure SQL does support the DROP DATABASE Transact-SQL command. I need to be connected to the master database, which I am. The DROP DATABASE statement has to be the only statement in the batch, which it is.

This page gives some examples of how DROP DATABASE is used in Transact-SQL. Interestingly, none of those examples enclose the database name in quotes. My database name contains dashes, and when I tried removing the double quotes I got Incorrect syntax near '-'. I also tried using single quotes as well as backticks just to thoroughly shotgun the problem.

Anyway, this SQL runs fine against localdb so I'm a bit skeptical there's really a syntax error.

What could be the problem?

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drop database [GEO-Dev-Scheduler];

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To add a bit of information to this answer, the default characters for delimiting an object name in SQL Server are [ and ]. The ability to use " is an ISO compatibility thing, and can be enabled using SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON but it is off by default, and so it is off in Windows Azure SQL Database. – Mark Rendle Dec 19 '13 at 21:09

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