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I'm attempting to build a list of results based on three joins

I have created a table of leads, as my sales team takes action on the leads they attach event note records to the leads. 1 lead can have many notes. each note has a timestamp and also a date/time field where they can set a future date in order to schedule call backs and appointments.

I have no trouble building the list, with all my leads associated with their respective event notes, but what I want to do in this particular case is query a smaller list of leads that are associated with only the event note containing the "newest"/highest value in the date_time column.

I've been digging about especially here on stack for the last couple days attempting to get the desired result from my statements. I get either all of the lead records with all of their associated event note records or I get 1, no matter what I utilize ( GROUP BY date_time ASC LIMIT 1) or (ORDER BY date_time ASC LIMIT 1) I've even tried to build a view with only the highest scheduled record for each lead.id.

  rr_leads.id AS 'Lead', 

  FROM rr_leads
            rr_lead_notes.id AS 'noteid', 
    rr_lead_tasks.id AS 'taskid', 
    rr_lead_notes.date_time AS 'scheduled', 
    rr_lead_tasks.task_step AS 'event'

        FROM rr_lead_notes
        LEFT JOIN rr_lead_tasks
    ON rr_lead_notes.task_note = rr_lead_tasks.task_step
        AND rr_lead_notes.id IS NOT NULL
        AND rr_lead_notes.task_note IS NOT NULL
        GROUP BY rr_lead_notes.id DESC

) z

  ON rr_leads.id = z.lead_id
  WHERE rr_leads.id IS NOT NULL
  AND z.noteid IS NOT NULL
  ORDER BY rr_leads.id DESC
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Are you asking for a list of leads with only their most recent note? –  AgRizzo Dec 19 '13 at 21:54
That's a lot of code. I suggest selecting two fields, plus the time_stamp, from 1 table. Order by the time_stamp desc and limit 1. Keep building it up until you stop getting the expected result. –  Dan Bracuk Dec 19 '13 at 21:56
I want to select each lead with only it's most recent/or future event note –  Ichimonban Dec 19 '13 at 22:04
This is the most often requested problem in SO –  Strawberry Dec 19 '13 at 23:24

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Here is the general idea of getting data associated with a most recent event. You can adjust for your particular situation.

select yourfields
from table1 join othertables etc
(select id, max(time_stamp) maxts
from table1
where whatever
group by id) temp on table1.id = temp.id
and table1.time_stamp = maxts
where whatever

Make sure the where clauses in your main query and subquery are the same.

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