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I am trying to create an external table in Informix.

create external table test_table(cols varchar(10)) 
using ( datafiles('C:/sample.txt'), format 'delimited', deluxe);

But it gives me an error :

[Error Code: -26174, SQL State: IX000]  Incorrect DATAFILE entry C:/sample.txt.

Can anyone suggest me the right syntax for path entry...

I have also tried.

load from "C:\sample.txt" insert into test_table;

Which gives me a syntax error. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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About the create external table
Did you check the correct syntax at the manual? (here)

At datafiles keyword, you don't use the correct syntax. This probably will work.

create external table test_table(cols varchar(10)) 
using ( datafiles('DISK:C:\sample.txt'), format 'delimited', deluxe);

About the load It isn't a native command from the engine, is a specific command of dbaccess utility.
So, if you aren't using dbaccess, it will not work.
BTW, the syntax of your load is correct...

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Thanks, Cein. I have tried it but it gives me an error saying 'No Resource Permission'. I can create a normal table though. What might be going wrong? Also, is there anyway to directly read the file into a normal table instead of external table? Please let me know. Here's the error.. "09:52:31 [CREATE - 0 row(s), 0.000 secs] [Error Code: -388, SQL State: IX000] No resource permission." –  BKRaja Dec 20 '13 at 15:55
I think there is some permission issue on my side but the above one works.. Thanks again!! Let me know if there is any other way to load the data from a text file instead of using external tables. –  BKRaja Dec 20 '13 at 17:24

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