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What I'm trying to do is get the values of an object in a given hashtable, thanks to its key. Here is my code:

Hashtable quotidiani = new Hashtable();

Giornale corriere = new Giornale();
corriere.nome("Corriere della Sera");
corriere.direttore("Ferruccio de Bortoli");
quotidiani.Add("corriere", corriere);

Giornale repubblica = new Giornale();
repubblica.nome("la Repubblica");
repubblica.direttore("Ezio Mauro");
quotidiani.Add("repubblica", repubblica);

Giornale ilFatto = new Giornale();
ilFatto.nome("Il Fatto Quotidiano");
ilFatto.direttore("Antonio Padellaro");
quotidiani.Add("ilfatto", ilFatto);

/*IDictionaryEnumerator enumeratore = quotidiani.GetEnumerator();

Console.WriteLine("Di quale quotidiano vuoi visionare le informazioni? (scrivi la chiave): ");
string answer = Console.ReadLine();
while (enumeratore.MoveNext()) { 

    if (quotidiani.ContainsKey(answer))
    Giornale grl = (Giornale)enumeratore.Value;
    Console.WriteLine("Nome: {0}, Direttore: {1}, Anno di fondazione: {2}", grl.getNome(), grl.getDirettore(), grl.getAnno());
    Console.WriteLine("la chiave è presente");
else {
    Console.WriteLine("Chiave non esistente");
class Giornale {
    string nomeQuotidiano = "";
    string dirQuotidiano = "";
    string annoQuotidiano = "";

    // Funzioni di assegnazione:
    public void nome(string nQuotidiano) {
        this.nomeQuotidiano = nQuotidiano;

    public void direttore(string dQuotidiano) {
        this.dirQuotidiano = dQuotidiano;

    public void anno(string aQuotidiano){
        this.annoQuotidiano = aQuotidiano;

    // Funzioni di richiamo:
    public string getNome() {
        return this.nomeQuotidiano;

    public string getDirettore() {
        return this.dirQuotidiano;

    public string getAnno() {
        return this.annoQuotidiano;

I'm sorry if the name of the objects and stuff is in italian, I didn't think that I couldn't get stuck at this point.

Basically where I'm stuck is in the block of commented code: what I want to do is find in the hashtable one of its 3 object and get its elements using its key.

So, I want to put the key (with the readline method) and find the elements of the object associated to the key. How can I do that? Probably the solution is very simple, but I can't see it right now.

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With Hashtable.Item: i.e. value = hashTable[key]. But should probably use Dictionary instead .. it's newer, is generic and conforms to generic IDictionary'/IEnumerable', and plays nicer with LINQ. –  user2864740 Dec 19 '13 at 23:10
oft: You should use Properties instead of custom, java-like get/set methods. –  MarcinJuraszek Dec 19 '13 at 23:13

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 Hashtable quotidiani = new Hashtable();
 var value = quotidiani["key"];

More about hashtables can be found here. Hashtables are kind of an old school type of collection in .NET, you might want to consider using Dictionaries.

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I will take a look at dictionaries, thanks. Now, the problem is that trying using the item property, what I get is the value associated to the key, not the value of the object(which is associated with the key). Basically, I get "Console.Application1.Giornale" instead of Nome, Direttore etc. Would you show me the exact process to use this property in this contest? Probably it's the right way to do what I want, but it's me that I'm dumb at doing this. –  liveAndrew Dec 20 '13 at 11:13

I solved! The block of code that does what I meant is this:

Console.WriteLine("Di quale giornale vuoi le informazioni? (inserisci la chiave)");
        var key = Console.ReadLine();

        var value = quotidiani[key];

        Giornale grl = (Giornale)value;

        Console.WriteLine("Nome: {0}, Direttore: {1}, Anno di fondazione: {2}",grl.getNome(), grl.getDirettore(), grl.getAnno());

Thank you all for the tips :P

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