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UPDATE: PROBLEM existst in desktop Safari too (not only mobile safari)

FIRST: there are similar questions but none seem to cover this bug/issue/feature/whatever-apple-calls-it

PROBLEM: I have an image-gallery with fullscreen images. So only one image is visible at a time. When the second view is triggered (navigation or swipe) i would expect the next image to show. This works perfectly in all desktop browsers (IE8+, chrome, firefox.. etc)

BUT: on the iPhone the images outside the viewport (offscreen) did not load and they don't load when the view is active:

EXAMPLE: http://test.fatih-sahanoglu.de/content/biography

TEST: in Desktop browsers (best in chrome) and then on iOS (tested on iOS 7 simulator and real iPhone)

FUNNY: first time I got something to work in IE8 but not on iOS (even IE7 gets this correctly even though I don't support it.)


  • using hammer.js for the gallery
  • view has position: fixed

WORKS HERE: http://test.fatih-sahanoglu.de/news (not a carousel)


enter image description here enter image description here

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OK.. somehow fixed the issue.

Seems that Safari didn't like that I used background-image: url(foobar.jpg)

instead I used background: url(foobar.jpg)

I needed to apply background-size: cover via JavaScript too to make it work in all browsers (strange strange.. the properties somehow got overwritten by some ghost once I changed the javascript to background: url(foobar.jpg) .. ghost = something that I could not find with the web-inspector)

well now it seems to work in Safari

maybe someone can use it

BTW: I needed to do it this way (JavaScript) because of the way the images are applied by Drupal (I really didn't want to write a module just for this feature)

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