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Why does Cocoa documentation lack short examples? Wouldn't this provide an easy, intuitive way to promote good code? IMO one good example is worth 1000 API words.

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In principle I think the purpose and scope of an API reference library is akin to that of a dictionary, with conciseness and breadth being the primary goals, typically at the expense of depth. Granted, many dictionaries provide brief usage examples for every word entry, justified by the semantic subtlety of natural language. For well-defined languages, however, I think documentation writers feel themselves justified in omitting such examples from a reference. And personally I think this is okay as long as they provide sufficient example code somewhere in the documentation (if not in the reference section).

The Programming Guides section of the Mac Developer Library is meant to complement the Reference section, addressing some of these gaps you see, as they do include blocks of code examples that personally I find very appropriate and helpful. Companion guides are often listed in the sidebar of a class reference page.

The Sample Code section of the developer library is another fine resource.

Pardon me if I missed the intent of your question and you are already familiar with all of the above.

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Thanks for thoughtful answer. While the Cocoa is certainly a well-defined language, it's not always a very intuitive one. I appreciate that Apple provides programming guides and sample code sections, however it seems to me that these are not always included and if they are, pertinent example code is often difficult to locate. Perhaps a hyperlink next to the API definition would be helpful. –  Antony Jan 24 at 17:07

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