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For better security, I would like to rename the login url of my blog to something other than /wp-login.php. I found a plugin that would do the Job

But the problem is that it works only with non-default permalinks, which is a problem for me, because I use unicode names for my topics, which could make the link very long and messy with percent encoding. I wouldn't want to translate every link name to english... that's tedious!

Is there a way to hide wp-login.php and wp-admin from hackers without having to change the permalink form?

Thank you.

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You can now use Rename wp-login.php with any kind of permalink structure! ;)

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I can suggest one great plugin that have plenty useful things in it and also what you want. And it uses other technique, that is not dependent on permalinks (in two words - it uses htaccess for all the magic).

It's called Better WP Security. Here is the link

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Why don't you use a permalink structure like this? /%post_id%/

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Actually it's a good idea and I would do that, except that I will lose my records of "ShareThis" plugin... it's annoying to reset everything! – The Quantum Physicist Dec 21 '13 at 21:55

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