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A standard construct in my code is a function that returns a Reader[X,\/[A,B]] and I would like to use the Either portion in a for comprehension, so I have been trying to write a function which will convert a function (X) => \/[A,B] into EitherT[Reader[X,\/[A,B]],A,B].

I can do this with a predetermined Type for X. For instance:

  case class Config(host: String)

  type ReaderConfig[C] = Reader[Config, C]

  type EitherReaderConfig[A,B] = EitherT[ReaderConfig, A,B]

  def eitherReaderF[A,B](f: Config => \/[A,B]) : EitherReaderConfig[A,B] = EitherT[ReaderConfig, A,B](Reader[Config, \/[A,B]](f))

  eitherReaderF(c => \/-(c.host)).run(Config("hostname"))

However, I am having problems removing the Config type and generalizing over X. This is because EitherT's first argument is expecting one argument in it's type construct: F[_], however Reader is defined as containing 2: Reader[A,B]

One of my attempts is to define a type in terms of an EitherT using type lambdas.

  type EitherReaderM[X,A,B] = EitherT[({type λ[α] = Reader[X, α]})#λ, A,B]

  def eitherReaderM[X,A,B](f: X => \/[A,B]): EitherReaderM[X,A,B] = EitherT[({type λ[α] = Reader[X, α]})#λ, A,B](Reader(f))

  val r: EitherReaderM[Config, Int, String] = eitherReaderM((c: Config) => \/-(c.host))

  val run = r.run /// type returns scalaz.Kleisli[[+X]X,Config,scalaz.\/[Int,String]]

  run.apply(Config("host")) // fails: value apply is not a member of scalaz.Kleisli[[+X]X,Config,scalaz.\/[Int,String]]

That last bit fails. I feel like I'm close here.....

I'm not entirely sure what's going on yet, but I can run this with 2 calls to run. One on the EitherT and then one on the Kleisli (which I'm not sure where it came in ).


However, even though this runs in the console, it doesn't actually compile. I receive this error while compiling:

kinds of the type arguments ([α]scalaz.Kleisli[[+X]X,X,α],A,B) do not conform to the expected kinds of the type parameters (type F,type A,type B). [α]scalaz.Kleisli[[+X]X,X,α]'s type parameters do not match type F's expected parameters: type α is invariant, but type _ is declared covariant

[ERROR] def eitherReaderM[X,A,B](f: X => /[A,B]): EitherReaderM[X,A,B] = EitherT({type λ[α] = Reader[X, α]})#λ, A,B

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And here we have it, the final, compiling version. I feel like it can be simplified a little more, but that is for a different day.

  type EitherReader[X,A,B] = EitherT[({type λ[+α] = Reader[X, α]})#λ, A,B]

  def eitherReader[X,A,B](f: X => \/[A,B]): EitherReader[X,A,B] = EitherT[({type λ[+α] = Reader[X, α]})#λ, A,B](Reader(f))

The allows me to replace Reader[X, A / B].apply with eitherReader[X,A,B].


  def getSub(id: Int) = Reader[Config, String \/ Sub](config => config.findSub(id).right)


  def getSub(id: Int) = eitherReader[Config, String, Sub]](config => config.findSub(id).right)

Seems weird that I'm doing this simply for type conversion. Probably means I'm overlooking something.

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