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I'd like to declare some dimensions for naming some common text sizes in my app. Are there any agreed upon standards or recommended best practices for the various res categories? Or, have there been any clever solutions for basing common text sizes dynamically at runtime on the current system default? For example, default text size is considered normal text. A smaller size is declared for minor text/descriptions, a slightly larger size for minor headlines, a much larger size for major headlines, etc.

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In our code, We often set 3 or 4 steps for text size to keep it looks uniform, such as

<dimen name="textview_small_size">11sp</dimen>
<dimen name="textview_middle_size">13sp</dimen>
<dimen name="textview_big_0_size">21sp</dimen>
<dimen name="textview_big_1_size">30sp</dimen>

And for perfect UI appearance, You should define separate dimens in different DPIs and screen size like values-sw800dp-large-port.

So, just set the text size to make it looks perfect and keep a uniform rule. There is no difference between set size in xml and in runtime, there're basically the same.

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You need to maintain different values folder for different device size and you can mention your text size in those values folder. Android will take appropriate text size as per device. For reference you can check pdf provided by GOOGLE IO. You will find how they are suggesting for using dimens.xml for different devices of android. For Example see the structure given below:





For Example

In values/dimens.xml    
<dimen name="text_size">10dp</dimen>

In values-xlarge/dimens.xml
<dimen name="text_size">20dp</dimen>
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