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I have a website which is in live state now. The website is hosted on AWS but we does not use Route 53 yet. We just created a CNAME record www that points to AWS load balancer's domain. Because that solution does not allow to use zone apex to access directly to the website but only using www alias, now I want to use Route 53 instead.

I have created a hosted zone for my domain then created an A Alias record for my domain that point to the AWS load balancer.

Because DNS propagation takes 1 day, to test if the configuration was working, I change my window's host file by adding a record into the file: NS_server_IP_of_the_Hosted_zone mydomain

I usually use that way to test the DNS record for my websites and it works well. But with Route 53, it does not work. It's 12 hours after the configuration but it is still stuck Can anyone please help me to resolve this problem?

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You are asking the wrong question... the real question is how could your usual solution of putting the name server's IP address in your hosts file ever work in any situation? There is no reason that I can imagine why that would work, ever. It makes no sense. –  Michael - sqlbot Dec 20 '13 at 5:03

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