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I am trying to pass some Subsonic collections to a client via a web service. When I reference the web service the IDE complains with:

Cannot serialize member 'EndDate' of type System.Nullable`1[System.DateTime]. XmlAttribute/XmlText cannot be used to encode complex types.

Is there any way of serializing nullable complex types in a .net web service?

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The way you handle optional properties is to include a boolean XXXSpecified member where XXX is the name of the property. Nullable types are not handled properly by the xml serializer used by ASMX. Note that this is not a limitation of WCF.

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This is a .NET Limitation

If you want you can try generating your classes with this property in the SubSonicService section in the the web.config file.



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Is this limitation still present in the .NET 3.5 ? –  Manitra Andriamitondra Mar 5 '10 at 8:09

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