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SQLite3 gives you a default primary key called rowid for each table if you don't specify a primary key. However, it looks like there are some disadvantages to relying on this:

The VACUUM command may change the ROWIDs of entries in tables that do not have an explicit INTEGER PRIMARY KEY.


I want to alter an existing SQLite3 database to use explicit primary keys rather than implicit rowid's so I have the ability to run vacuum when necessary. Can I do this without rebuilding the whole database?

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SQLite strikes again... –  Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Jan 15 '10 at 5:05

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You don't need to rebuild the whole database. However since SQLite doesn't support ALTER TABLE statements you need to:

  1. create a temporary table with the correct schema
  2. copy all data from the original table to the temp table
  3. delete the original table
  4. rename the temp table

I suggest you use a app such as SQLiteman to do this for you.

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SQLite most definitely supports ALTER TABLE. –  Bill Jan 15 '10 at 11:59
@Bill: You're right, but you can only use it to add columns or rename the table. –  Alix Axel Jan 15 '10 at 15:07

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