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I was working on COM/ATL. I need to use a class object as return value so that it can be used in managed code. I am able to define structure in idl file and also able to use it as return parameter when creating methods. Below is the partial idl file implementation:

    import "oaidl.idl";
    import "ocidl.idl";

//Structure for message mapping of activation and deactivation 
//Structures are working properly
struct tagActivationManaged

    WORD            wMsgId;
    WORD            wStatus;
    WORD            wClient;
    WORD            wClientId;


//same manner if creating class it throws error.
class AuthenticationMessage
    Word message;

do I need to change any settings in MIDL.

NB: I am new to COM programming.

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You just can't do that - there're no C++ flavor classes in IDL. If you want to return an object of some class from a function you have to declare an interface and possibly a coclass (the latter may not be required depending on your sitiation) and make the function return that interface.

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