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By following lines in .tmux.conf:

set -g prefix C-a
bind a send-prefix

I set tmux global prefix to "C-a". And I can use "C-a a" to send "C-a" to a window.

Now I open an embeded tmux session (T2) in an tmux window of an existing tmux session (T1). If I press "C-a c", a new window will be created in T1; If I press "C-a a c", a new window will be created in T2.

It is tedious if I do a lot tmux actions in T2.

What I want is to bind another global prefix only to T2. For example, I bind "C-b" as the global prefix for T2 and still use "C-a" as my prefix, then I'm able to use "C-a *" to do T1 actions and use "C-b *" to do T2 actions.

Someone has any ideas or walkaround?

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You can set global prefix dynamically by selecting window B and type tmux set -g prefix C-b or through bash script. –  hawk Dec 20 '13 at 5:55

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You could use a different key for the prefix. I use the ` key instead of the default Ctrl+b, which is saving some time in the long run.

This is part of my .tmux.conf to make this happen:

# use of ` instead of Ctrl+b
set-option -g prefix `
bind-key ` send-prefix
unbind-key C-b
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Tmux warns against creating nested sessions! Better avoid this workflow.

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