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I have created 1 PDF using fpdf and I want to set border to each page in that PDF. So is there any built-in tag for setting a border on a PDF in fpdf or any other easy way to do this? I don't want to change the layout of my PDF after setting the border.

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by default (A4) the page width is 210, page height is 297.You can probably make a box on every page by overriding the header

$pageWidth = 210;
$pageHeight = 297;

function Header()
  $margin = 10;
  $this->Rect( $margin, $margin , $pageWidth - $margin , $pageHeight - margin);
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For width and height you must subtract the margin twice, else you will not have a margin right and bottom. I updated your answer. – Timo002 Jan 15 at 14:38

By default i dont know of any help that creates a border in FPDF Complete Page, you have to create a cell that some how covers whole page and shows it self as a border you can try some thing like this

Try this link

   border (optional)        mixed       Specifies whether around the cell, a frame is to be drawn. The value can be a number:
0: without frame
1: with frame
or a string consisting of one or more of the following characters (The order is not to be considered):
L: left frame
T: Frame Up
R: right frame
B: frame below
By default, no border is drawn (value 0).
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Well thanks for that. But I think finally I found a solution for that. If you set a rectangle in a header function, it will work as a border to all pages.

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$this->Rect(5, 5, 200, 287, 'D'); //For A4
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Can you explain how this code works? It is a very low quality answer in this form. – Bhargav Rao Nov 7 '15 at 7:12

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