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I want to start two programs from the batch file, (also batch files) - they will execute few seconds. Then in the main batch file I want to wait while both are finished and then continue main execution. Is that possible at all?

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@DmitriyBotov: That's for one batch file only, though. They want to run two simultaneously and only continue execution when both have stopped. – Joey Dec 20 '13 at 7:37
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You can, sort of:

@echo off
set Token=MAIN_%RANDOM%_%CD%
start "%Token%_1" cmd /c child1.cmd
start "%Token%_2" cmd /c child2.cmd
ping -n 2 localhost >nul 2>nul
tasklist /fi "WINDOWTITLE eq %Token%_1" | findstr "cmd" >nul 2>nul && set Child1=1 || set Child1=
tasklist /fi "WINDOWTITLE eq %Token%_2" | findstr "cmd" >nul 2>nul && set Child2=1 || set Child2=
if not defined Child1 if not defined Child2 goto endloop
goto loop
echo Both children died.

child1 and child2 were just executing pause. This uses a more or less unique token to identify the child batch files. They are started in an own window with start and each one is given a specific window title. Using that window title we can find them again using tasklist and determine whether they are still running.

It gets a little tricky figuring out whether the batch files are still running. tasklist with the window title filter does what it's supposed to do, but it won't return a sensible errorlevel. That's why we have to pipe through findstr to pick up the process name (to avoid being language-sensitive by picking up the error message).

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