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i have a table like

    <td>Sr. No.</td>
    <td> Name</td> 
    <td>remove button</td>

    <td>remove button</td>
    <td>remove button</td>

onclick of ' remove button ' i send ajax request & after successful response i remove the respective TR using $('#id_of_tr').remove();.

till here everything goes fine but now i want to update Sr. No.s of each row. Because Initially order is 1 2 3 , when i remove second row then it becames 1 3 which i want to update it to 1 2.

I hope this would help.

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Like this:

// Your AJAX Call
$.post('/delete', {id: 2}, function(data){
  // your code that removes the tr here

  $('table tr').each(function(index, el){
    $(this).find('td:first').text(index + 1);
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thanks a lot. This one really helped me. But again I stucked in new problem. Let me come out of that. Once again thanks. –  user251336 Jan 15 '10 at 9:20

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