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I am creating a mvc4 application.The solution structure is given below:enter image description here

Here DAO layer is implemented in Data.EntityFramework.Service layer is creating services and servicehost for hosting services.CORE layer is for all layering registration.

enter image description here

Data Entity Layer is :

enter image description here

I am calling UnitOfWork from servicelayer like below

public class CandidateService : ICandidateService
            private readonly IUnitOfWork _unitOfWork;

            public CandidateService(IUnitOfWork unitOfWork)
                this._unitOfWork = unitOfWork;

            //public IList<VW_CANDBASICSEARCH> GetAll()
            //    try
            //    {
            //        var lstCandidate = _unitOfWork.Repository<VW_CANDBASICSEARCH>().All();
            //        var list = lstCandidate.ToList<VW_CANDBASICSEARCH>();
            //        return list;
            //    }
            //    catch (Exception er)
            //    {
            //        throw er;
            //    }

            public IList<VW_CANDBASICSEARCH> GetSearchCandidate(string strName, string strLocation, string strProfession, string strSkill)
                var lstCandidate = _unitOfWork.Repository<VW_CANDBASICSEARCH>().All().ToList<VW_CANDBASICSEARCH>();
                var lstSearchCan = from can in lstCandidate
                                   where ((strName == null || strName.Length == 0 || (can.CAND_NAME).ToUpper().Contains(strName.ToUpper()))
                                            && (strLocation == null || strLocation.Length == 0 || can.CAND_LOCATION.Equals(strLocation))
                                            && (strProfession == null || strProfession.Length == 0 || can.CAND_PROFESSION.Equals(strProfession))
                                            && (strSkill == null || strSkill.Length == 0 || can.CAND_SKILL.Equals(strProfession)))
                                   select can;
                return lstSearchCan.ToList<VW_CANDBASICSEARCH>();

            public TBLCANDIDATE_HEADER CreateCandidate(TBLCANDIDATE_HEADER Candidate)
                Candidate.ObjectState = ObjectState.Added;
                return Candidate;


In CORE layer I am registering Data and Business like the following;

public class BusinessLogicServiceModule : Registry

            public BusinessLogicServiceModule()


In service host I am implementing this following In IHRMS.WEB I am writing in Global.asax.cs Application_start the following

 protected void Application_Start()


                ObjectFactory.Configure(x => x.AddRegistry(new BusinessLogicServiceModule()));

                ObjectFactory.Configure(x => x.AddRegistry(new ControllerDependency()));
                ControllerBuilder.Current.SetControllerFactory(new StructureMapControllerFactory());



But when I am running it is giving the following error: StructureMap Exception Code: 202 No Default Instance defined for PluginFamily IHRMS.DAO.Infrastructure.IUnitOfWork, IHRMS.DAO, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null

I am using Structuremap as DI. Can some one plz help me?

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Your configuration looks good to me.

I typically address these ambiguous structuremap errors by doing the following:

  • verify your injected classes have:
    • public constructors
    • the construction parameter dependencies have also been defined in the registry
  • step through the 'build-up' workflow
    • make sure the dependencies are defined before they are called for
  • make sure of the AssertConfigurationIsValid and WhatDoIHave methods off the ObjectFactory to visually confirm you have a valid dependency configuration

Most of issues are resolved in the workflow validation step, if a dependency is configured 'after' is has been asked for structuremap will throw a 202 error.

Also just to confirm the IUnitOfWork being configured and the IUnitOfWork dependency are the same object right (IE: they are the same namespace and what not)?

Sorry I don't have an answer at this time but if you have more information I would be happy to help.

Thanks, wm

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