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I have a list of elements that are inside a fixed height wrapper with overflow-y: auto.

I'm able to scroll the list just fine on Android (Chrome) as well as iPhone, however we have these special Kiosk touchscreens that basically run Internet Explorer 10 (using KioWare).

The "list" of items are separated by around 20px gap, and you can scroll perfectly fine if you touch and scroll from the gap. The list doesn't scroll if you click on one of the items and then try to scroll.

My HTML is basically:

#wrapper {
    height: 500px;
    overflow-y: auto;
    width: 300px;

.listItem {
    height: 200px;
    width: 300px;
    margin-top: 20px;

<div id="wrapper">

    <a id="fancybox_1" href="index.php?objectType=info&id=1" class="fancybox-info" style="display:none"></a>
    <div class="listItem" onclick="$('#fancybox_1').trigger('click');">
        Item info 1

    <a id="fancybox_2" href="index.php?objectType=info&id=2" class="fancybox-info" style="display:none"></a>    
    <div class="listItem" onclick="$('#fancybox_2').trigger('click');">
        Item info 2

    <a id="fancybox_3" href="index.php?objectType=info&id=3" class="fancybox-info" style="display:none"></a>    
    <div class="listItem" onclick="$('#fancybox_3').trigger('click');">
        Item info 3

    <a id="fancybox_4" href="index.php?objectType=info&id=4" class="fancybox-info" style="display:none"></a>    
    <div class="listItem" onclick="$('#fancybox_4').trigger('click');">
        Item info 4

    <a id="fancybox_5" href="index.php?objectType=info&id=5" class="fancybox-info" style="display:none"></a>    
    <div class="listItem" onclick="$('#fancybox_5').trigger('click');">
        Item info 5


I suppose I could try to refactor the code and use just *a href*s then set-up fancybox differently so that it pops up the info box? Any ideas? It's difficult to test as it tends to work fine on all mobile touch devices, but doesn't work well for the Kiosks. I'll try to get access to a touchscreen laptop with IE10 and test if it works normally on that one.

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