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In my application i want to send sms using nokia 3310c mobile which is connected to a fedora core 8.while connecting the a new file named ttyACM0 is created in /dev directory i tried to send at commands using this file

the first at command is returning ok ie., at then i tried at+cmgf=1 return ok then tried at+cmgl="ALL"

it returns error...........

it displayes ring while a incoming call comes...

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It seems that Symbian phones don't support this command. Take a look at this post on the Nokia developer discussion board.

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AT+CMGL is for Reading sms but that command is not working for nokia phones. It works fine with Non-Nokia phones.

To get the java code for all this stuff visit

For sending messages(from nokia phones) u need to set the mode of the phone to PDU (at+cmgf=0) which is the default state by the way.

For non-nokia phones set the mode to Text ( at+cmgf=1 ) then send ur msg in text fromat and not in pdu.

The best way is try all your AT commands on minicom ( in linux ) and see the output immediately. Here u will can communicate with ur phone directly ( via the At commands though).

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