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Using JBoss Fuse / Apache Camel, writing to log file configured in, I would like to log the host name.

log4j.appender.myapp.layout.ConversionPattern=${host} %d{ISO8601} %p %X{} %c{1} %m%n

The part in the converstion pattern ${host} doesn't work.

Is there a way I can get this? Is there something like %X{}?

In the code I read about HOSTNAMENONCANON - perhaps can I access that?

The log framework is OPS4j, and whilst the patterns look similar to log4j, I am not sure if they work in the same way, or indeed if a way to log the host name via log4j would also work here (but it might be worth a try).

Thanks, VikingSteve.

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I found that you can use %X{hostname} if you configure this via the MDC static method:

MDC.put("hostname", xyz);

I'm not sure if this is the best solution? It seems fine to me (?).

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