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I getting a run time error 2185, "You can't reference a property or method for a control unless the control has the focus ...".

This is my code that I am using.

Private Sub Command5_Click()
    Dim cardno As Integer
    cardno = cardnumber.Text
    DoCmd.OpenForm "search_card_number", acNormal, , WHERE & cardno = [Account Number]
End Sub
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That run time error means You can't reference a property or method for a control unless the control has the focus.

You can use .Text when a control has the focus.

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if I change the text to textbox, I get a data and method member not found –  Steve Dec 20 '13 at 12:40
use cardno = cardnumber instead of cardno = cardnumber.Text –  Siddharth Rout Dec 20 '13 at 20:33

Referencing the .Text property of a control requires it to have focus. Simply drop that and it should work (the default is .Value)


Try putting in the SetFocus method as advised by Access, i.e.

  Private Sub Command5_Click()
    Dim cardno As Integer

     cardnumber.SetFocus   <-------Use this line to set the focus        

    cardno = cardnumber.Text
  DoCmd.OpenForm "search_card_number", acNormal, , WHERE & cardno = [Account Number]
 End Sub
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I get a runtime error 6, overflow. but the carnumber.text did get the value I was enter in textbox –  Steve Dec 20 '13 at 12:42
I guess data can no longer be held by an integer. Try changing the line Dim cardno As Integer to Dim cardno As Long should fix the immediate problem. –  agnes Dec 20 '13 at 12:49
I get a 2465 runtime error, and is highlighted the Docmd section in yellow. –  Steve Dec 20 '13 at 12:55

As best I can determine from the comments discussion, you have resolved errors #2185 and 6. And now you're faced with error 2465, "Microsoft Access can't find the field ...", at DoCmd.OpenForm.

The cause of that error is whatever it is you're trying to use as the WhereCondtion option (the fourth argument to OpenForm). The Access help topic describes the WhereCondition option as "A string expression that's a valid SQL WHERE clause (WHERE clause: The part of an SQL statement that specifies which records to retrieve.) without the word WHERE."

I'm still not certain what you're dealing with, but will guess this may get you closer ...

Private Sub Command5_Click()
    'Dim cardno As Integer
    Dim cardno As Long ' (avoid overflow error)
    Dim strWhereCondition As String
    'cardno = cardnumber.Text
    cardno = Me.cardnumber.Value
    strWhereCondition = "[Account Number] = " & cardno
    Debug.Print "strWhereCondition: " & strWhereCondition
    'DoCmd.OpenForm "search_card_number", acNormal, , WHERE & cardno = [Account Number]
    DoCmd.OpenForm "search_card_number", acNormal, , strWhereCondition
End Sub

I assumed the form's record source includes a field named [Account Number] and that field is numeric datatype. If either of those assumptions is wrong, you will have to change to code to compensate.

If you still have trouble at DoCmd.OpenForm, go to the Immediate window with Ctrl+g and examine the value of strWhereCondition. If you need further help, show us the value of strWhereCondition and tell us the error number and the full text of the error message.

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My solution was to test to see if the control had focus before updating the control property,

Here I am updating a combo box search to a wild card search

Private Sub Combo_Change()
    'Note control passed to after update sub, then returns to change sub where error occurs
    'Combo is the name of your combo box

    If (Combo Is Me.ActiveControl) Then
        Me.Combo.RowSource = _
            "SELECT [CCL sites v Contract No].ContractID, [CCL Sites].[Site Address], [CCL sites v Contract No].[Contract No] " & _
            "FROM [CCL sites v Contract No] INNER JOIN [CCL Sites] ON [CCL sites v Contract No].SiteID = [CCL Sites].SiteID " & _
            "WHERE [CCL Sites].[Site Address] LIKE '*" & Me.Combo.Text & "*' " & _
            "ORDER BY [CCL Sites].[Site Address]"


    End If

End Sub
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