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I can't find the right way to use the write syscall in 64bit nasm assembly. It just prints random signs. I've already checked the syscall numbers on my system.

section .data
string     db       'Hello World'

section .text
global main
         mov rax, 1            ; syscall number for write
         mov rbx, 1            ; use stdout
         mov rcx, qword string ; 64bit adress of my string
         mov rdx, 11           ; length of my string

         mov rax, 60           ; syscall number for exit
         mov rbx, 0            ; return code
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You should probably tag this question as assembly or nasm or similar. –  user1019830 Dec 20 '13 at 13:13
The registers you're using don't match this table. –  Michael Dec 20 '13 at 13:37

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The calling convention for amd64 (aka x86-64) is different from the one for i386. For instance, the first function argument comes into RDI. The register assignment used in your test matches i386 Linux syscall style, not the x86-64 one. Eventually, you didn't send any value in its proper place, except the syscall number itself.

This page has some notes on the proper method (but it misses change of a register for the kernel call case). This document is the original specification. The link shown by @Michael in his comment to your question contains practically the same but without detailed grounding, while being more practical just for syscall exploiting. Please follow them for your future activity.

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