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I have the following document structure:

    "_id": "project1",
    "customer": "someDefaultCustomer",
    "users": {
        "user1": {
            "projectRoles": ["CUSTOMER"]

Now i'm going to query all projects with user contain 'user1' with Spring Data Mongo:

@Query("{'users.?1': {$exists : true} }")
Project findUserProject(String login);

The problem is that Spring Data escapes replacement in queries, so i've got the following 'real' query:

o.s.d.m.r.q.StringBasedMongoQuery - Created query { "users.\"user1\"" : { "$exists" : true}}

Is it possible to avoid escaping? Of course, i can create custom query using spring criteria, but i'd like to keep '@Query' approach.

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I don't know about Spring Data but if you want to match every documents that contains user1. the query in Mongo db should be – c24b Dec 20 '13 at 12:57

Pass in the full users.user1 as the variable, i.e.:

@Query("{?1: {$exists : true} }")

If you really want to avoid people having to do that then have a helper function that adds the "users." at the start of the string then calls this method.

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