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How can I get JMeter to only attempt 1 url instead of 5 each time I run a test?

I am using a different site which is internal, but let's say I was using "blah.com" for the sake of discussion.

I see this in the View Results Tree:


In the same order, here are my http response codes:

  • 301 Moved permenantly
  • 301 Moved permenantly
  • 302 Found
  • 301 Moved permenantly
  • 200 Ok

If I want Jmeter to just go straight to the 5th one so that I get the 200 code right away, what do I have to do in JMeter settings?

I have:

  • HTTP Cookie Manager
  • HTTP Cache Manager
  • HTTP Request ( with "blah.com" filled in for the server name )

under HTTP Request, I have all of these:

  • HTTP Header Manager
  • Response Assertion ( with some url patterns checking for html tags - I just copied the html from View Source and pasted it in as a url pattern...these all seem to work )
  • Response Assertion ( just checking response code - I chose Response Code and entered "200"...this also seems to work )
  • Summary Report
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I was able to get this down to 1. Adjustments made to the HTTP Request:

I added "/abc" to "Path" and changed "Follow Redirects" to "Redirect Automatically".

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