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I am trying to do exactly what was asked in this thread

Ignore Duplicates and Create New List of Unique Values in Excel

Except it wasn't answered fully. I would like the output in a different sheet. The question:

" I have seen this question asked in various forms numerous times before, but nothing I have tried is working for me.

I have a column of values that often appear as duplicates. I need to create a new column, of unique values based on the first column, as follows...

Column A   Column B  
a          a
a          b
b          c

This Column B will actually need to appear on a different sheet, within the same workbook, so I assume it will need to work with the sheet2!A1 style format.

I have not had any luck with the Data/Filter menu options as this only seems to work on command. I need column B to update automatically whenever a new value is entered into column A. "

The best answer given is:

" Basically the formula you need is:

B2=INDEX($A$2:$A$20, MATCH(0, COUNTIF($B$1:B1, $A$2:$A$20), 0))

Then press ctrl-shift-enter.

Two important things to keep in mind here: The complete list is in cells A2:A20, then this formula has to be pasted in cell B2 (Not B1 as that will give you circular reference). Secondly this is an array formula, so you need to press ctrl-shift-enter or it will not work correctly. "

(This is a useful link: Unique Values )

Which gives me:

  Column A Col B
    a   a
    a   b
    b   c
    c   d
    c   0
    c   #N/A
    c   #N/A
    b   #N/A
    b   #N/A

But the output is not in a different sheet.

I have tried a few variations of:

=INDEX(List!A2:A20,MATCH(0, COUNTIF(UniqueList!A2:A20,'List'!A2:A20),0))

Putting $ signs in:

=INDEX(List!$A$2:$A$20,MATCH(0, COUNTIF(UniqueList!$A$2:A20,'List'!$A$2:$A$20),0))

Including 'press ctrl-shift-enter'.

But I can't figure it out.

Please help me take a column from List to UniqueList with only the unique values.


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Why not copy the list to a new sheet and use Data | Remove Duplicates? –  Siddharth Rout Dec 20 '13 at 13:13
That's what I currently do, but I'd like not to have to do that. –  CArnold Dec 20 '13 at 13:49

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This worked for me. However, this assumes you have identical column header

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It works! Thank you! –  CArnold Dec 20 '13 at 13:53
So, I have been getting errors. I think I've figured out why. It because my List is about 100,000 rows. And it takes ages, (minutes), for excel to compute the ones which are unique. I guess I should be using a numeric identifier instead of the 60 character long list name. Any other suggestions? –  CArnold Dec 20 '13 at 16:16

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