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Are there any webapps that I can use as a company internal pastebin (I want to install on a local server)? The only requirement is syntax highlighting. I'm aware of the list on wikipedia, but maybe there are some new, not listed or whatever.


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The Wikipedia page has been deleted. –  handle Aug 5 at 14:46

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That's an easy question :)


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there's no installation instructions. i tried to hand-install dependencies as a python noob, and eventually gave up. –  zedoo Feb 10 '10 at 19:55
paste.pocoo.org/ -> Content gone Repo -> server not found. Message: "you may find the source via Google" –  handle Aug 5 at 14:43


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Last commit: Sep 11, 2007 –  handle Aug 5 at 14:45

You can try php-pastebin:

Github: https://github.com/atmoner/php-pastebin-v3/
Demo: http://demo.php-pastebin.com/
Website: http://php-pastebin.com/

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