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Mitchell Hashimoto said somewhere that vagrant should be not used in production. As I understand packer.io is exactly filling that gap - one can build EC2/Rackspace/.. images. What are the underyling differences in terms of virtualization? Both are VM's, but they must be different type of VM's. How does an AWS prebuild image different from a Virtualbox image or VMWare image? Any general hints at the underlying technologies would be appreciated.

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Packer can be used to create vagrant boxes or production boxes.

"don't use vagrant in production" : vagrant boxes are built with security holes in it to allow smooth scripting/ssh/tunnelling/sudo (no passphrase, known password : vagrant).

It can be seen as kind of replacement for veewee

Production can be on

  • your "laptop" (virtualbox)
  • own datacenter or your client datacenter (vmware)
  • in hosting service like (digital ocean/rackspace/...)
  • more specific hosting like AWS

AWS prebuild image (AMI) helps a lot when using "auto scaling". When aws want to start a new server it starts with ready to start (no provisioning/deployment script at startup) See this presentation on how packer can fit with aws.

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