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I am using wordpress, and I want my post to be converted to pdf just like in this website (click print icon to see what I mean). I want to do something like that in my website. Can you share me an idea on how to do that? Thanks.

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try this plugin for wordpress here (it might be what you are looking for)


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I use mPDF (www.mpdf1.com) as follows:

(1) Buffer the output using ob_start()

(2) Collect all the output into a variable $content = ob_getcontents()

(3) Flush the buffer to display the content on the screen using ob_flush()

(4) Create the PDF as a file

So something like this:

// Buffer the output so I can collect the html

// Do the display bit here


// Collect into a variable and flush it out
$content = ob_get_contents();

// Make a PDF
include "MPDF/mpdf.php";
$mpdf = new mPDF();

// Add some CSS to style content
$content = "<style>".file_get_contents("style.css").'</style>'.$content;

// Create PDF and save as file
$mpdf -> WriteHTML($content);
$mpdf -> Output('PDF/pdffile.pdf', 'F');
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